Hotel "Arena" has a reception, 4 apartments, 8 double and 9 triple rooms (2 +1). All of them are spacious and have their own bathroom and balcony. They are being cleaned every day, cleanliness is our priority!


Equipped with:
- Air conditioning
- Minibar
- Flat screen TV
- Cable TV
- Internet


In the apartments there is a bedroom, living room with a kitchen area, bathroom and a big balcony.

Additional amenities

- Reception
- Restaurant - pizzeria with an open garden
- Free Wi-fi access within the hotel.

The check-in in the hotel is after 13:00 o’clock, check-out isbefore 12:00 o’clock.
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    For those who love natural attractions, there are world famous nature reserves in the municipality of Primorsko - "Water Lilies" and "Ropotamo", protected areas like swamps "Arkutino" and "Stamopolu" and sand dunes "Perla". The most interesting part of the culture associated with the Thracians, their ideas and beliefs. Here were found 4 sanctuaries, 12 dolmens and over 10 necropolis. The most interesting monuments of the cult is the sanctuary "Beglik Tash", which is a symbol of the cult of the sun. The rock formations "Lion's Head", fjords and Seal cave Maslen.

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